Windscribe VPN Review

Windscribe VPN Review

A VPN service is an excellent source for downloading and accessing content online. If one goes online and searches for VPN service providers a long list will appear.  This makes the selection of a service provider even more difficult. In this regard, VPN service reviews can prove to be one’s best friend as they cover both the pros and cons of the service in a comprehensive and truthful manner. This Windscribe VPN review has the same purpose.

Brief Introduction Of Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN services are based in Canada and have a commendable ranking of being number ten amongst a total of seventy-four VPN services and amongst a total of three hundred and twenty-four VPN services, Windscribe was ranked as being number twenty.

It is known amongst users as being the top choice when it comes to people who are looking for a single solution to their torrenting needs and to access sites like Netflix.

This contributes to a very large audience of 630,000 people all over the globe who are regularly using their Chrome extension.  The service also comes with a free trial that includes a plan of 10 GB session bandwidth per month.

Windscribe Payment Plans

Windscribe offers three subscription plans for its users. The monthly subscription plan may seem a little expensive as it is priced at nine dollars a month. The other two plans i.e. the annual plan and the biannual plan are more budget-friendly.

The annual plan costs $4.08 and the biannual plan is priced at only $3.70 a month. However, in the case of the annual or the biannual plan the payment has to be made in advance and in a lump sum.

Windscribe has a variety of payment options including PayPal, Credit Cards, and Bitcoins as well. The service providers also offer a refund if the customers are not satisfied with the services that they are getting in any case.

Pros and Advantages of Windscribe VPN Service

Some of the reasons why users are inclined towards opting for Windscribe VPN services are as follows:

  • Device Compatibility:

Windscribe is among the few VPN services that are popular amongst users for its excellent compatibility. This service can be easily used with various types of operating systems and devices.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

Not only is this service available on a wide range of devices and operating systems it is also well-known amongst users for its great user interface. People describe the experience of this service as being very engaging, free of any inconvenience, and completely hassle-free.

  • Free Trial For New Users:

It is an undeniable fact that most of the VPN services are costly and it is better if one gets a chance to see whether the service provider is actually suitable for your needs or requirements or not.

In order to give its users a chance to do so, Windscribe offers a free trial period. During this time the user can experience all the services that it has to offer and make the final decision on whether he wishes to purchase a subscription package or not.

  • Superb VPN Protocols:

Another thing that makes the Windscribe VPN service stand out amongst the other service providers is the fact that it has some really good VPN protocols. It offers VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SOCKS5 to ensure better performance and usability for its clients.

  • Security and Protection:

Windscribe VPN service includes AES_128_GCM cipher as a part of their browser extension which makes it amongst the most secure and safe VPN services in the market. To date, no hacks or data thefts have been reported in regards to their encryption and to add to this the users must rest assured that this service does not keep any track or log of their activity.

  • Suitable for both Netflix and Torrenting:

Most of the VPN services fail at one point and that is when it comes to allowing its users access to the world-famous Netflix. However, Windscribe will not let you down as it has special servers i.e. Windflix Servers that are based in both the United States as well as the United Kingdom that let the users bypass Netflix security and can be used for torrenting at the same time. To conclude it is a pretty good deal.

Cons and Disadvantages of Windscribe VPN service

Although Windscribe has received mostly positive reviews from its users, there are a few areas in which the service can improve itself. Here are a few weak points or cons of this service:

  • Slows down and Lags Internet Connection:

Everyone is well aware that the use of a VPN contributes to decreasing the speed of your internet. In the case of Windscribe services, this decrease has been recorded at a shocking fifty percent. There are other options in the market that have nearly the same performance and do not cause such a huge lag in the internet connection.

  • Small Number of Servers:

In comparison to the other VPN service providers, the number of servers of Windscribe i.e. around 480 is a lot less. And on top of this despite their official claim of having around 480 servers in 51 different countries, users have found that not all of these servers are active and available for use.

This sometimes affects the performance of the service and the users are not able to avail of the quality of service they originally wished for.

  • Using a Bot for Customer Responses:

Windscribe lacks a good customer support system. They have two methods to help their users. The first one and the one that will get you an immediate response uses a chatbot. However, this system fails to help the users in an accurate manner and answer their queries directly.

The second method uses a ticketing method which is precise and far more helpful than the chatbot however its response time is very slow and even in this case the replies seem automated and not to the point.

  • The software requires frequent resets:

Another downside of this service is the fact that quite a few users have been complaining that the software requires to be reset on a regular basis to keep up its performance. This comes as an inconvenience for most of the people and is also a source of data loss.

Final Thoughts

Windscribe has both its advantages as well as a couple of disadvantages. The user can choose whether to subscribe to this service or not based on the priorities of his needs and requirements.

It is indeed included in the list of most used VPN services that are liked and used by people from all around the world. With its great performance and user-friendly design and implementation, it is a known fact that most users are drawn to try this service at least once.

You can sign up for a free trial to see whether it works for you or not and make a final decision on whether to buy the package or not based on your experience during the trial period. Windscribe VPN reviews online are generally promising and most people are inclined towards its usage despite a few issues that have been highlighted in the review.


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