VPN Unlimited Review

VPN Unlimited Review

While searching for a VPN service you will see that the name of VPN Unlimited will be included in the list of the VPN service providers that are comparatively new yet have caught the eye and attention of users in a very short amount of time.
It is undoubtedly among the VPN services that are fairly easy to use and have a great customer support system that is very responsive and the customers get a response within a short amount of time.
Despite these plus points this VPN service has faced a lot of criticism and has generally received mixed VPN Unlimited reviews from its users all around the globe.

Brief History of VPN Unlimited

As mentioned earlier, the Unlimited VPN service was founded not that long ago. This VPN service based in the United States was introduced in 2013 and was located in New York City.
When it comes to rating and ranking, Unlimited VPN has received a very low ranking of being in the sixty-fifth position amongst a total of seventy-four VPN services.
Despite the fact that upon their introduction and launch in the market, both professionals and users were highly anticipated due to their bold remarks and claims of security, the large number of websites that can be accessed, and ease of use, the overall impact of this service was far from commendable.

Pros Of Unlimited VPN

Like any other service, irrespective of its flaws and downfalls there are several reasons why people from all around the globe still opt for the services of Unlimited VPN. Here are a few things that the Unlimited VPN is known for:

•    Allows Access To Netflix:

While looking for a VPN service most of us wish to come across a VPN service provider that is capable enough to bypass the security and firewall of Netflix. Netflix indeed has a very strong and strict security protocol and generally, most of the VPN services fail to trespass it. However, this is not the case when Unlimited VPN is under discussion. Unlimited VPN allows complete and secure access to Netflix to all its users. Two out of four servers were successful in granting Netflix access to the users.

•    Live Chat Customer Support:

Customer support becomes essential when it comes to dealing with any issues or problems that the customers might be facing during the usage of the service. It annoys the customers when they have to wait for a long time or are unable to get the precise solution to the problem they are facing. This is not the case at all when it comes to Unlimited VPN. They offer customer support via live chat option and on top of everything this facility is available for the customers 24/7.

•    Secure Encryption:

Another amazing thing about the use of Unlimited VPN services is the fact that their security and encryption policy is very strict. They use the most modern technology and encryption strategies that ensure that your identity and data are not exposed to any risk or threat at all. The use of the KeepSolid Wise extension ensures that your activity is close to impossible to detect and keep track of.

•    Smooth Usage:

The software is very smooth and stable. Not many users have reported an incident of a crash or a bug in their software. Neither have any complaints about the need to reset the software multiple times to enhance its performance and usability experience.

•    Easy To Use:

The Unlimited VPN is pretty much self-explanatory and very simple to use. It is very easy to understand and comprehend by the users. No user has ever stated that it caused any trouble when it was being used for the first time.

Cons Of Unlimited VPN

Despite all these above-mentioned plus points, there are still far more negative things that have been said by the users of this service. Here are a few things that have been mentioned by the users in this regard:

•    Compromise On Slow Speed:

Users have reported that not only is the VPN service itself very slow, but on the other hand the speed of the internet is also affected at a huge percentage by the use of this service. Even the experts and professionals have tested the speed of this Unlimited VPN service and have concluded that it does indeed lag a lot. Hence it also increases the time of your downloads and makes the browsing experience far from enjoyable due to its slow speed and server connections.

•    Log tracking up to some extent:

Despite the fact that they make use of a very safe and secure encryption protocol one of the drawbacks of this service is that they do tend to keep a little bit of track of your online activities. This might not seem like a huge issue in the beginning but you must be informed that this can indeed prove to be a huge threat to your anonymity as in case of any leak or hacking incident not only your identity can be exposed but any data that you might have shared while using the VPN service under the thinking that it is completely safe.

•    Small Number Of Servers:

Like the issue with most of the new VPN service providers that have been introduced in the short time span of the last ten to fifteen years, Unlimited VPN service is also a VPN service provider that lacks a large network of servers. It has a very small number of servers which is not more than four hundred. Not only this but the locations in which these servers are placed i.e. countries are also few in number. The servers are available only in seventy-one countries. This sometimes makes the connection questionable and might not even allow complete and stable access to the site that the client wishes to access.

•    Might Seem Expensive As Compared To Other Service Providers:

When you look at the payment plan for the Unlimited VPN services the prices seem pretty suitable at first. This is what kind of deceives the clients to buy a subscription plan initially. However, when the users actually begin to use the services the customers seem to realize that they are paying a huge sum of money which is not even fulfilling half of the things that the service providers had claimed initially.

•    Lack Of A Free Trial:

Another drawback of these service providers is the fact that the new users are not offered any free trial. This way the customers have no idea about the type and the extent of the services that they are signing up for. Despite all the pros and cons, Unlimited VPN reviews do state that this service is pretty useful for people who do not have extensive VPN needs. If someone is looking for a VPN service provider but does not have any such high demands like great speed, complete anonymity, and zero tracking of activity, they can certainly try Unlimited VPN as an option to see whether they can make it work. Also, there is no surety that the service remains the same to date as these service providers and software teams are always working to improve things and enhance user experience and that might be the case with Unlimited VPN as well.


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