YOGA VPN: Review

Science and technology have made huge progress in the last few decades. We are living in an era that is governed by modern inventions and they have made our lives easier and trouble-free. With all the amazing benefits of advancements in the field of science and technology, it is not wrong to say that we are indebted to its countless blessings.

Some intelligent people have made possible some devices that have changed our perception of life. Tasks that were once thought impossible are now completed by just one click. Man has reached the moon and discovered planets with the use of these resources and his knowledge. However, these explorations have no boundaries. They continue to increase in number as time passes by helping people in every possible way.


VPN is a connection that allows you to create a secure and encrypted tunnel over the internet. You can use this connection with your mobile, computer, or tablet and gain access to any website that is blocked for use by normal visitors.

This is possible because you are then redirected through a VPN server in another country. You can use that website which is not accessible in your county because of a ban or their privacy policy.

So VPN is there to find a way out and you can surf the internet without showing your identity. In other words, you are an anonymous user as it appears on the site you log in to. You can also hide your location by using a VPN. Suppose you are at a place you don’t want to reveal to anyone else. A VPN is what you need in that state. It masks your location and allows you to use the internet for as long as you wish.

What does a VPN offer?

A VPN offers the following features

  • It masks your physical location so you can use it from anywhere without any facing any restrictions. You are free to use any website since no one can track down your place from where you are using the service.
  • A VPN also hides your IP address. So, you are anonymously surfing the internet in this condition.
  • You can use popular websites like Netflix, and apps like Facebook and Snapchat in countries where they are blocked from access by people who live there.
  • A VPN is unaware of the activity you perform on the browser as all of these activities are encrypted and no one can decode them for misuse.


Connecting to a VPN server is an easy task. You need to download it on your mobile or another device that you want to use. Then choose a country from which you wish to be recognized. For this, you have to search for the sites that are accessible in that region. Then look for the application or website you want to use and see if its use is allowed in that county. If that is the case you are able to access that website. You are good to use the VPN services now. Wasn’t that an easy task?


Yoga VPN is the most reliable VPN app for your Android. It has a version that comes with an ad. But the most popular is the free version. It is fast and safe to use and you can use the browser as much as you can without any restriction of accessing any site. The most amazing feature of this app is that it allows connecting anonymously from more than 10 different countries of the world. So, you can get to use all the websites or social media apps that are trending these days. If you are looking for a VPN service for your Android, give a try to Yoga VPN and you will love the experience it offers.

Free to use

Yoga VPN is a free mobile app. They do not charge anything for it and they make sure that they will stand by the same rule in the future too.

Simple to use

What else do you want than a VPN app that needs no registration just download it from Play Store and it is good to use. It is an easy to use app and just needs one click to get it on your mobile.

Unlimited connection

With Yoga VPN, you have a connection to unlimited use of the internet. You are able to use it anytime from anywhere in the world.

Can gain access to blocked websites

In some countries, there are certain websites or apps that cannot be used by the people there. They are banned for use. But if there is a dire need to use those apps you can gain access by choosing Yoga VPN. You can unblock social websites like Line, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter in countries where you cannot use them without a VPN connection

Similarly, video calling apps such as Skype and Viber can also be used when you are a user of Yoga VPN. YouTube, which is the most popular video website can also be unblocked. Also, you can use several other apps and websites by bypassing the firewall

Stay anonymous

Yoga VPN is able to provide you with a fake IP. So, you can browse the internet hiding your real name and personal information that could be leaked and is a risk.

Enjoy a secure connection

Yoga VPN does not keep a rack of your online activities and will never misuse your private information. All the traffic that is running on Yoga VPN is encrypted and cannot reach to a third party.

 Fast & Stable connection

Yoga VPN has been ranked as the number 1 VPN service provider in the world. With more than 100 proxy servers located in more than 30 different parts of the world. Yoga VPN ensures a fast and stable connection to its valuable customers.

Strengths of Yoga VPN

In a nutshell, Yoga VPN offers the following amazing features that are the reasons for its fame and success

  • It requires no payment. It is a free app with unlimited VPN usage.
  • Does not have a registration formality.
  • It is simple to use with a user-friendly system.
  • Offers a fast connection and uses the most recent VPN proxy server.
  • You can use it as an anonymous individual and it does not leak your private information.


Yoga VPN is the first ever VPN app developed for Android users. In this review, I have summed up all the features that are offered by Yoga VPN. If you want to know more about the company that came up with the idea of launching Yoga VPN, you can visit Sarah Hawken’s website to learn about it.  

To move forward with the world, we need to learn about the developments in the sector of technology. This is a vast field and is coming up with new and innovative ideas every day. Along with this, it is important that we try out different apps and services that are coming into the market so we know about the features that each one of these offers.

Try out Yoga VPN for your Android system and you will be amazed by the free services provided.


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