Turbo VPN Review 2024

Turbo VPN Review 2024

The internet evolution led us to pass all the dark forces found in the chaotic world of the internet, mostly with the weapon named VPN. However, not all the VPNs are in the same category. Some provide better security while others give greater freedom. We have conducted a Turbo VPN review. This VPN service offers online privacy only to smartphone users.


  • Pricing Review
  • Customer Support Review
  • Compatibility Review
  • Protocols & Encryption Review
  • Logging Policy Review
  • Privacy Policy Review
  • Servers Review
  • Features Review
  • For Kodi
  • Reddit Review
  • Speed Test Review
  • Review – Question Answers

Review – Company Background

Turbo VPN is a China-based online privacy provider that provides online freedom without any subscription to its users. The service has a limited number of servers and is compatible with iOS and Android platforms only.

Moreover, according to the Google Play store,  Turbo VPN is one of the most downloaded apps used by 50 million people.

There is no clear information available regarding the ownership of the company.   Recently only a website is developed by the provider. 

The app’s free version is with ads while a paid version of the app is ad-free.

Turbo VPN Pros

  • The free version  is available
  • Offering user-friendly app
  • Available on  iTunes and Google Play store
  • Fast servers are available
  • No registration


  • A limited number of servers are available.
  • Offering for Smartphones only.

Pricing Review

 £10.99 ($13.75)/ month.

 £2.75 ($3.45)/ month if the subscription is for a year.

The paid version of Turbo VPN provides Netflix servers and that allows you to connect the service to 5 devices.

 Turbo VPN VIP is not providing services beyond the charges offered as compared to the other VPN services which are offered at relatively lower prices.

Turbo VPN Customer Support Review

The providers actively active on Facebook provide updates regarding the service on a daily basis, responding to the queries within minutes.

The Turbo VPN website, unfortunately,   contains little to no information about the VPN service. Another option available for users that send your queries to its (Turbo VPN) representatives by write an email at turboappfeedback@gmail.com.

Since there is little information, we enquired about Turbo VPN through email. Our query relates to the VIP version of the service.

Customer-Support Review

A comprehensive reply will be received within 17 hours. It also provided us with help on how to go for VIP service. All this attitude showed that the company is committed to providing support to its customers efficiently. 

Compatibility Review:

 There is no Turbo VPN available for Windows or Mac. This service is only compatible with smartphone users specifically Android and iOS platforms.

Protocols & Encryption Review:

Our Turbo VPN review opens up that the service is offering OpenVPN protocol to protect the online user’s activities. Amazingly, the OpenVPN protocol applies to a 256-bit military-grade encryption level to provide maximum anonymity to online users.

Logging Policy Review

Since this VPN is offering free service, it is only natural to ask aks;

 “Does Turbo VPN keep logs?” The answer is; No.

According to our Turbo VPN review, the service is not maintaining logs of their users. Impressively, despite being a free VPN it is not keeping the users’ information. Upon authorization as a VIP member of the service, your personal information will be recorded along with your username and IP address.

Privacy Policy Review

Turbo VPN review reveals that it is offering clear-cut and impressive policies. After obtaining your permission and through lawful means the service will collect the personal information. 

By this, the provider can gradually improve its product quality. Moreover, the right to change its privacy policy at any time is reserved. 

Servers Review

Our review unveils that it does not have a huge server network. There are only eight servers you can adhere to secure your online privacy. The list of regions where Turbo VPN offers its servers:

  • India
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • New York 
  • United Kingdom
  • San Fransico (USA)

Compatibility-Review as Android-App:


Although it has to add more benefits to its features, you can adhere to the service for various reasons. This is because:

  • you are not paying anything.
  • you can buy its VIP service for Netflix-optimized servers and 5 simultaneous connections.

Website Review

Our Turbo VPN review discloses the fact, that the provider is unable to offer a comprehensive.

The current consists of a single page with a generic one-line about the service’s features.

There is no information available regarding the company, privacy policy, or manuals on the website.

P2P/Torrenting Review

According to our review, the service is not have dedicated P2P servers. Thus, you should explore our guide on the best VPN for torrenting to accomplish your torrenting cravings.

In addition, we tested the servers for BBC iPlayer and Netflix US for the UK and US respectively. Unfortunately, it was unable to unblock both of these services.

However, the VIP subscription of Turbo VPN is dedicating servers for Netflix.

It has an efficient feature for unblocking YouTube in countries where the site is officially banned.

For this very reason, it has extreme users in countries like Iran and China.

Downloads Review

Fortunately, Android and iOS users can get from the Google Play Store and iTunes Store respectively.


Turbo VPN’s Facebook page has pointed out that many of the apps with the approximately same names in the Google Play store are fake copies of the real ones.l

For Kodi

The review highlights that the service allows watching the desired media content on Kodi. However, the users to get a VPN for Kodi, to secure their online privacy from legal troubles.

Reddit Review

According to the review, the provider must improve its performance. By doing so, the service will be able to attract Reddit users.

Similarly, many users are eager for free VPN services as a whole.

App Review

Turbo VPN’s app is:

  • aesthetically pleasing
  • user-friendly
  • simple
  • does not provide different options to the users with the only prominent option provided is server selection.

Server-Options Review

 The setting section only allows setting the automatic connection and Notification options.

Turbo VPN Speed Test Review:

 A speed test was conducted by connecting it and without its connection: 


The download and upload speed prior to connecting to the VPN service was 4.75 and 2.85 Mbps respectively which after connecting to Turbo VPN online, went down to 3.65 Mbps and the upload reduced slightly to 2.33 Mbps respectively.

Turbo VPN Review Question Answers

Is Turbo VPN Safe?

One should use a free VPN service with caution.

Free VPNs are earning profit through ads or by selling your information. Therefore, one should read the privacy policy of a VPN before using it on your system. Turbo has a clear privacy policy, used by millions of users around the world. So far, it has not been involved in any privacy-related scandal.  It shows that Turbo VPN is safe and reliable.


Our Turbo VPN review 2018 establishes that the service is providing enough features to grab the attention of potential users. Its free availability feature makes Turbo VPN an interesting choice for new privacy-seeking users. In addition, the service allows online access with its iOS and Android app.

This service uses all the required tools to secure the connection from online threats. The Turbo VPN security tools comprise SSL encryption.

Turbo VPN’s eight servers help you to bypass geo-restrictions. These servers provide enough speed to browse YouTube and Facebook at optimum speed.

Perhaps, the fact that it is a globally recognized service becomes the biggest testament to Turbo VPN.

However, the service needs to upgrade its website to solve the problems of the subscribers instantly. Likewise, the service should introduce dedicated apps for other platforms and devices.

Still, the service is beneficial for those users who do not want to spend a single penny to attain online freedom and security. Our analysis indicates that the service is not a bad choice in terms of price and performance.


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