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Best VPN Reddits in 2024: Reviews

Reddit is a platform that promotes free speech and freedom of expression. It encourages people to come forward and share their experiences to spread the awareness and ideas in people. It is banned in many countries due to the misuse of the rights in many other ways. Chinese and Koreans have permanently blocked the Reddit while Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and Iran have blocked it temporarily many times and there is high probability that they will block it again if they feel the need. To unblock or access the Reddit, one may require the best VPN.

It’s not okay to sit quietly on the blockage of Reddit, people need to stand up and take actions which are required to access it in any way possible. The use of VPNs is increasing day by day with the free use of internet without any limits. If you are ready to stand up and take action instead of compromising on the rights of freedom, then VPNs is the best choice which one should avail as soon as possible.

Considering the review of the users for something is always appropriate because they can truly and fairly indicate the performance of the service/product. Mostly users don’t have any personal interests or grudges in promoting or degrading any service. Any service that has duped the users with wrong statements would certainly pay for this in a way or another. And if any service has fulfilled all of its promises, then it would surely be appreciated by its users. So, one should take the reviews of the users seriously to get the right results.

Below are few Best VPNs which are mentioned because of getting good reviews from its users:

Express VPN Reddit

Express VPN has gotten overwhelming positive reviews from its users. It is certainly one of the best and most admirable VPN services. Amazon Fire TV app is recommended to get the best performance level by Express VPN.


  • High speed is reported by the majority of the people and there was no report of DNS leaks.
  • There is no need left for side-loading or manual updates.
  • The speed is consistent and uniform for different sources i.e. Android, Windows and Amazon FireOS.
  • It also helps in accessing Netflix which is a remarkable experience for the users.


  • Most of complains are about it being costly and expensive.
  • It also automatically recharges the account which can cause trouble to a lot of the people who forgets to disable it after signing it up.

As the cons are not related to the performance level of Express VPN, thereby it is highly recommended to the people for their ease and convenience.

PIA (Personal Internet Access) Reddit

It is a US based VPN provider and has gained credibility by working for so many years. It has incredible features. which are worth mentioning for the ease of understanding.


  • It gives quality assurance for the service because of working for so many years.
  • There are rarely any disconnections witnessed by its users.
  • There are still chances of further improvements by openly buying of techniques and internal codes.
  • Refund is done instantly, if needed.
  • The excellent customer service it provides is a major plus in this highly competitive world.


  • The only issue reported was with the speed level.
  • It doesn’t offer free trial.
  • Protocols can’t be selected from software clients.

IPVanish Reddit

It is one of the most popular VPNs. It is not that huge in the market as some other VPN services may be but still it has done an extraordinary job in serving its purpose. Due to its high performance, it is still standing against its huge competitors.


  • It has 400 plus servers and SOCK5 Proxy that works with all of the devices.
  • It offers compatibility and versatility in the great number of devices.
  • The users are fond of the different aspects of its quality and services.


  • In recent times, it has shown some of its dark side to the people by spoiling its own reputation.
  • It doesn’t unblock Netflix US.
  • It offers higher prices.

But overall, it’s a good and remarkable VPN which has a huge number of users who would die to get its services.

Bullet VPN Reddit

It is based in Estonia, which provides the security of data with the implementation of laws. It keeps the user anonymous which is one of the best things everyone would want.


  • It is super-fast and keeps the data saved.
  • It is secure and confidential and keeps the identity of the user anonymous.
  • It is able to unblock geo-restricted sites with great ease i.e. Netflix.
  • It has 51 server locations but there is no report of poor performance or low speed.
  • It provides dedicated client apps and set-up guides for ease.
  • It also gives special discounts and special offers to its customers.


  • It is not mentioned much by the users i.e. there are fewer reports on this.
  • It looks like a failing market just because of not getting much appreciation reports.

As it is neither appreciated nor bashed by the users, it is still the best option to go for as it offers premium packages which are quite economical and beneficial.

Nord VPN Reddit

It has already marked its name in the market as a winner as it manages to unblock the sites on which VPN blocking is enabled.


  • It works on various sites i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, and many others.
  • It has also provided its testament in the name of quality and assurance.
  • It has 4835 servers which are still increasing every month.
  • It has a Smart Play feature which offers a smooth and fast streaming experience.
  • The other amazing features it has are P2P Support and Kill Switch.
  • It is user-friendly and provides immense customer support.


  • It shows a slight low performance when Double VPN is used.

Torguard VPN Reddit

No one else can be most honest than the user who has experience the quality and performance level of a particular service or product. Torguard is one of the widely accepted and appreciated services.


  • It provides the most dedicated Stealth VPN feature.
  • It offers some other different power packed features as well.
  • It is highly appreciated for its high speed and amazing streaming.
  • It also gives special discounts on using coupon codes to enjoy the subscription even more.

There is hardly any con found for this service as it is one of the most demanded among people.


People are becoming more and more aware in today’s world that why VPN should be chosen. It is also necessary to look at the features and different aspects to get the best VPN Reddit.

Server Infrastructure, Encryption & protocol support, and compatible apps is something one should certainly look up to while deciding on getting a VPN. It is also important to know that for what options of VPN Reddit one shouldn’t go for. For that, a look at the guide of the worst VPN Reddits is also necessary.

Above mentioned VPN Reddits are the ones that are best paid for and widely appreciated by people for their features and aspects. Choosing one best among the other best depends upon the personal choice of the person according to his own needs and demands.


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