Best VPN For Windows in 2024

Best VPN For Windows in 2024

There was a time when the VPNs were nothing more than a part of the cyberpunk culture. But now things have changed, in fact, right now almost everyone is using a VPN service just to protect and secure their private data. Let’s face the fact that the antivirus software and firewall bundles etc are no longer strong enough to secure us or our computers from security threats.

It’s pretty terrifying how our personal information and private data are traded the moment we go online. Yes, you read it right, your search engines, the data dealers, the hackers, the social network experts, and the Five Eyes, all of these are continuously keeping an eye on you and your online activities which is unacceptable and terrifying at so many levels. In a nutshell, the need of the hour is to get a good and reliable VPN service for your Windows just to secure yourself.

Why Windows?

We all have heard of VPNs that help us unblock restricted access to different websites and games etc but there is more to it. Especially when it comes to Windows, we all know that it’s the most used operating system in the world and well it’s the most targeted too.

Most importantly, if you are a Windows 10 user then you must know that Windows 10 came with several privacy issues when it was released in the year 2015, from extensive data collection settings to DNS leakage, the users had to deal with a lot of problems.

Though some of the privacy issues were fixed by Windows then again, it’s still the most targeted operating system and you need to use a VPN to protect yourself at any cost.

Now, if you are someone who has finally decided to use a VPN network to add a layer of security to Windows then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we are going to jot down some of the best VPNs out there that are completely reliable and secure for your Windows operating system.


If you are looking for one of the most robust VPN services in your area then you need to opt for the VyprVPN. The best part is that this VPN service is based in a country that is extremely safe and secure and that country is none other than Switzerland.

As far as its servers are concerned, well, the figures are quite impressive. 70 different locations and around 700 servers with 200,000 IP addresses, VyprVPN seems a pretty good and reliable choice for those who want to secure their Windows. With it you get extreme security and accessing sites like Hulu and Netflix, etc is also possible with this VPN network.

VyprVPN is extremely easy to use and with the click of a button, you will have access to all of its amazing features and functions. The only downside of this network is that it won’t unblock the restricted games in your area and there is no ad blocking with it. However, if both these factors don’t seem to bother you much then this VPN service is no doubt the best.


  • You can enjoy unlimited data
  • It comes with top-tier plans
  • It has an extensive network of servers


  • No ad blocking is available
  • It cannot be used for gaming


ExpressVPN is a British Virgin Islands-based service and it is so far the best and the most popular VPN used by millions and millions of people. ExpressVPN comes with an extremely strong security and privacy system and above everything it offers AES-256 encryption and an OpenVPN which means that even the ISP won’t be able to check you or keep an eye on you for long.

It conceals the traffic and scrambles it so that you cannot be caught. This VPN also comes with a wide range of servers in around 87 different countries. It provides good speed, it is extremely easy to use and most importantly, you can enjoy smooth and seamless streaming with it. Moreover, you can run it both on your mobile devices and your desktop too so there is no specific major reason why you shouldn’t go for this VPN provider.


  • It comes with a pretty strong encryption
  • It allows P2P torrenting
  • The network servers are extensive


  • You can only connect three devices with it
  • Ad blocking is not available


On number 3 we have a Panama-based VPN service called NordVPN. This VPN comes with an excellent reputation when it comes to performance and above everything, it has quite an impressive list of features. 57 different countries and a total of 850 servers, you can expect some high quality and top-notch performance from this VPN network.

Right now, NordVPN is ruling the internet world and it’s being used by an impressive figure of people because yes, it is so far the best one. With extreme security, you also get to enjoy access to different websites like Netflix and Hulu, etc, it can also bypass geo-restricted content and it’s pretty easy to switch servers with it so again, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give NordVPN a try.

The reason why this VPN network is more secure is because it comes with a double encryption tactic that adds an extra layer of security to Windows. Unlike the other VPNs, this one allows a total of 6 devices per user which again is impressive. The only issue with this network is that it comes with a bit expensive packages but if you are someone who is ready to spend a little extra on something deserving then yes, you should get your hands on NordVPN right now.


  • Double encryption which means double security
  • It accepts bitcoins
  • Amazing customer support


  • A bit pricey
  • Ad blocking is not available

Overall Verdict

These are the top 3 VPNs that are being used by Windows users all around the world. Now, without wasting any further time, get your hands on any one of the above-mentioned networks and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed with their performances and security. As far as our suggestion is concerned, well, if you actually are someone who can spend a few extra dollars just to avail more features and more quality then you should go for NordVPN. 


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